The Noil Kitchen

Creating vibrant plant-based dishes, oil-free & vegan, The Noil Kitchen offers inspirational recipes, innovative techniques, tips and information for those seeking a healthier way of eating and more sustainable lifestyle. The name “Noil” is a play on “no oil” food preparation and cooking.

Fall Farmers Market Finds: Kale framing red "wine" apple, persimmons, purple carrots, red kuri squash, and a pumpkin
Fall Farmers Market Finds: Red "wine" apple, persimmons, purple carrots, kuri squash, kale and a pumpkin
Red-glazed terracotta casserole serving dish with Chile Bean ChiliOil-free Vegan Chile Bean Chili and a chile pepper-shaped dish with tangy bites, lime wedges and diced red onion behind.

Oil-free Vegan Chile Bean Chili

08 Put the grated garlic pulp in the pan and form a layer

Oil-free Sautée & Developing Flavor

10 Minute Garlic Tip from The Noil Kitchen: Wait 10 minutes after crushing, grating or chopping garlic before cooking.

10 Minute Garlic Tip

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