The Noil Kitchen

Creating vibrant oil-free, vegan plant-based dishes, The Noil Kitchen offers inspirational recipes, innovative techniques, tips and information for those seeking a healthier way of eating and more sustainable lifestyle. The name “Noil” is a play on “no oil” food preparation and cooking.

Fresh from the garden, orange tomatoes, red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers in a salad spin bowl
Whether from your garden as seen above, Farmers market or favorite grocery store, August brings a bounty of colorful vibrant fruits and vegetables.
Large white rimmed bowl with Asian Herbs & Noodles, garnished with whole purple and green perilla leaves.
Asian Herbs & Noodles with Peach-ginger dressing.
Enameled cast iron braiser pan with onions sauteeing and grated garlic
Oil-free Sautéeing and Developing Flavor Technique
Two nectarines; the one on the right shows pale yellow-green around the stem and the left one has color around the stem and sun spots.
How to Select the Sweetest Nectarine at the market.