The Noil Kitchen

Creating vibrant oil-free, vegan plant-based dishes, The Noil Kitchen offers inspirational recipes, innovative techniques, tips and information for those seeking a healthier way of eating and more sustainable lifestyle. The name “Noil” is a play on “no oil” food preparation and cooking.

Spring to Summer Farmers market vegetables on a white cloth; Fresh Garlic, Chinese Broccoli, green beans, yellow beans, purple beans, Zucchini with flower blossoms still attached, cherries, peaches and nectarines
June is a wonderful time for visiting local Farmers Markets. The Spring vegetables are still coming in while the beginnings of Summer is just starting to show.
Large white rimmed bowl with Asian Herbs & Noodles, garnished with whole purple and green perilla leaves.
Asian Herbs & Noodles with Peach-ginger dressing.
Enameled cast iron braiser pan with onions sauteeing and grated garlic
Oil-free Sautéeing and Developing Flavor Technique
Two nectarines; the one on the right shows pale yellow-green around the stem and the left one has color around the stem and sun spots.
How to Select the Sweetest Nectarine at the market.