The Noil Kitchen

Creating vibrant oil-free, vegan plant-based dishes, The Noil Kitchen offers inspirational recipes, innovative techniques, tips and information for those seeking a healthier way of eating and more sustainable lifestyle. The name “Noil” is a play on “no oil” food preparation and cooking.

Kuri Squash surrounded by purple carrots, fingerling potatoes, Fuyu persimmons, re apples and dinosaur kale
Late Fall Farmers Market Treasures: dinosaur kale aka lacinato kale kale, purple carrots, Kuri Squash, Fuyu Persimmons, fingerling potatoes and red apples
3 white bowls of Mirepoix Mirepoix lentil soup with vibrant vegetables andwith roasted potatoes

Mirepoix Mirepoix Lentil Soup

Sorting Lentils: Slowly pouring lentils on a white square plate and picking through them for foreign particles.

How to sort lentils.

Overhead view of a stock pot with Mirepoix vegetables, herbs and spices

Technique for mirepoix vegetable stock.