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Cathy O’hagain, The Noil Cook

Mirepoix Vegetable Stock ingredients on a board: onion, celery, carrots, fennel, spices
White bowl on a white tablecloth with oil-free vegan Mashed Potatoes garnished with parsley and black pepper
Cooking Dried Chickpeas and the Resulting Chickpea Stock
Luscious Oil-free Vegan Butter swirled in a small bowl served on a wooden board with whole grain bread on a wooden board
Bamboo rounded platter with Oil-free Spice Roasted Sweet Potatoes on a wooden placemat and oil-free vegan mayonnaise in a small white bowl.
Pot of simmering water with green beans showing how blanching green vegetables keeps the color vibrant green.
An open jar of “Olivaise” Oil-free Vegan Mayonnaise surrounded by limes, garlic cloves and green olives.
Mason jar filled with Caramelized Mushroom Stock, and a date and title tag on the jar next to 2 wooden spatulas o
Small square white bowl Garden Salsa Fresca is a naturally sos free salsa fresca with fresh tomatoes, white onion, cucumbers, cilantro, burst of lime juice and a little kick from the jalapeno pepper. with a red spoon.
Blue rimmed shallow bowl with Cool Peppermint and Cucumber Salad garnished with fresh whole leaf peppermint in the center.
Salt-free Cashew Spice Blend in a small olivewood bowl on a white plate with garlic cloves and a lemon wedge.
Black and red square bowl with Early Fall Corn Chowder on a bamboo placemat.
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