Allow the mushrooms and onions to caramelize, then push to the side of the pot.

18 Nov: Caramelized Mushroom Stock Recipe

Caramelizing, aka browning the mushrooms, brings out the natural sugars deepening the earthy flavor with a slight sweetness and nuttiness that you can’t get with just simmering the mushrooms in water.

04 Aug: Castelvetrano Olive, Tomato & Noodle Salad (Oil-free Vegan) Recipe

Served at room temperature, this Italian inspired Castelvetrano Olive, Tomato & Noodle Salad hits all the flavor notes: sweet and tartness from the tomatoes, sour tartness from the lemons, herbal minty freshness from the basil, peppery and slight bitterness from the arugula and an occasional bite of saltiness from the buttery flesh Castelvetrano olives.