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Henckels Professional Chef Knife

My go-to knife in the kitchen is the Henckels Professional Chef Knife, specifically Zwilling J.A. Henckels twin Pro S 8-inch.

Using the Henckels Professional Chef Knife, cut the root end off leaving enough root to hold the onion together

The steel used for the Henckels Professional Chef Knife is forged ice-hardened which keeps the edge a long time. This chef knife pictured above has been in my kitchen arsenal for over twenty years and it is still my favorite.

For many cooks and chefs, the chef knife is the most used and most important tool in the kitchen and that is certainly true for me. Longevity is of utmost importance for the tools I rely on and use everyday. This chef knife has lost some mass in the blade from honing and sharpening over the years, but continues to perform well. The weight of the blade and the sharpness the edge holds makes it great for almost all cutting, from onions to hard produce like butternut squash. To view the Henckels Chef knife in action check out the radial onion dice instructions, step by step photos and video for the Radial Onion Dice

Every knife brand and even every model of a brand has a different feel. To find and buy the best knife for you, it’s worth the time to go to a well-stocked kitchen store to try different knives. This way you can see and feel which one is most comfortable for your hand and the way you use the knife.

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