Le Creuset Braiser

Le Creuset Braiser

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January 28, 2018
The Noil Kitchen | Tools I Use | Le Creuset Braiser

Le Creuset Braiser is such a joy to cook with. I love the classic orange color, Volcanic color (I believe, it is now called Flame in the US anyway) the most because I grew up with that color.  That Volcanic orange Dutch oven was always on the stove and my mother made something delicious in it pretty much every night. Nowadays I also love the Cerise red for my kitchen. Over the years Le Creuset introduced more and more colors. Now there is a color to suit every cooks taste and kitchen.

Besides being beautiful to look at, Le Creuset has a perfectly smooth surface which is ideal for most no oil (oil-free) cooking. Le Creuset braiser does well for an assortment of dishes, chilis, curries, paellas and any kind of saucy dish. Its also fun to see the color change when you cook with it; it gets darker and deeper when it heats up.

The 5 quart Le Creuset Braiser pictured above is what was used to demonstrate the Chile Bean Chili recipe and technique. To give you an idea of size, the 5 quart holds up to about 7 cans (8–9 cups) of beans plus all the other ingredients comfortably.
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