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Oil-Free? No Oil Really?

There are both health reasons and culinary reasons for oil-free cooking. Oils are highly processed, have very little nutrients and are 100% fat. For most people, weight management is enough reason to avoid oil.

Consuming oils also contributes to heart disease and many other chronic diseases that are way too common. To learn more about the health reasons for oil-free cooking and eating  from the leaders in the nutrition and health industry, visit our science page .

On the culinary side, well  . . .   I love oil-free cooking. I started cooking without oil for health reasons, but now I do it for the pure joy and taste. Oil-free cooking has provided a bright new light on whole food plant based eating and an inspiration to cooking. Fresh seasonal produce has such bright flavor, it is a shame to mask what is naturally there by such an unnatural substance. Cooking has never been more enjoyable and food has never tasted better. There is no going back!

Splashed oil, 100% Fat
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