Onion Garlic Blend

The onion garlic blend is a salt-free spice blend used to add depth to savory recipes and flavor boost to dishes.

Cutting board with a pile dried chopped onion, a pile of granulated garlic and a bowl of the final onion garlic spice blend.
Onion Garlic Spice Blend

The dried granulated garlic adds pungency and the dried chopped onion rounds it out with a natural slight sweetness. Either a spice grinder (see #1 below) or a mortar and pestle (see #2 below) can be used to grind the two ingredients into a blended powder with a consistency to to ground spice like paprika. This fine consistency will allow it to hydrate and amalgamate into your dishes faster.

This onion garlic blend is also useful for SOS free (salt-free, oil-free, sugar-free) dishes as it enhances the flavor without the addition of salt. The Early Fall Corn Chowder uses it in place of miso as an SOS free option. This blend can be used in some dishes in place of nutritional yeast as in the Tangy Bites recipe.