Vegan Feta Tangy Bites Recipe
  • 1lb organic tofu
  • 2tbls fresh lime juicejuice from 1 lime
  • 2tbls nutritional yeast or [onion/garlic blend|]
  • 2–3tsps sweet white miso or chickpea miso
  1. Remove the tofu block from the package and set on a cutting board, preferably one with a juice groove to catch the excess water. There will be a fair amount of watery liquid, so have a towel or some paper towels available.
  2. Next we will cut the block to 1/2 in square pieces. Cut horizontally through the block in 1/2 in pieces. It should make 3–4 horizontal slices.
  3. Place them between a lint free towel or paper towels to soak up the excess water.
  4. Stack them back again to form the original block shape.
  5. Cut down vertically in 1/2 in increments. Then cut the other direction in 1/2 increments to get all 1/2in × 1/2in pieces
  6. Soak up as much water as possible so it doesn’t dilute the mixture coming up.
  7. In a quart size mason jar or similar sized glass container with tight fitting lid, add the lime juice, onion/garlic blend, and miso and blend together thoroughly .
  8. Add the tofu squares to the jar, cover with the lid, and invert a few times to coat the tofu squares.